Artisan Restoration Center was founded in 1984 in the famous Helms Bakery of Culver City, California. In 2005, we moved to a new and improved location only a couple blocks away. Due to our over twenty-five years of experience in the field we have very high recommendations from the Los Angeles area, Montecito, Newport Beach, and Aspen, Colorado. Our customers include well known names in the entertainment business, fashion design industry, high-value insurance companies, and top antique auctioneers. We work in cooperation with top interior designers with works which have been featured in renown national and international publications as seen on our home page.

Zoltan Papp, Owner & Founder
Completed the Hungarian Fine-Arts School, and has years experience in Hungary as well as Austria and Germany. His experience includes work for a Vienna based firm called Friedrich Otto Schmidt which held many government contracts in Austria and Germany. Years after when moving to the United States he worked for Michael Reese Restoration in Beverly Hills, after which he founded Artisan Restoration in 1984.

About Our Professionals
Zoltan is joined by some of his colleagues and other craftsman from Europe to form the crew. All of the craftsman specialize in various fields of restoration, antique design, and creations. You can see for yourself the result of some of our work in both the restoration and antique interior creation fields at our photo gallery.